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fter a long day on the road looking for a place to rest, you find an alluring sign of a bar. When you step inside you notice something is off and there is no bar to be seen. You keep going, deeper and deeper until you hear faint voices. Is it the bar? or is there something else lurking?.

Fight hordes of monsters in this cursed cave and try to survive as long as possible!

After each wave you'll get some help from an unknown source. Careful! Not all boons have an immediate result.


  • Use "WASD" keys to move.
  • "Left mouse button" to shoot.
  • "Right mouse button" to aim.
  • "Space bar" to jump.
  • "R" to reload.
  • "Q" or "E" to change between weapons
  • "CTRL" or "C" to crouch
  • If you are stuck you can press "P" (Kills the character)
  • You can also pause and reset the game with "ESC" 

Developed by:

  • Ignacio De la Vega [Programming, Implementation]
  • Brian Ezequiel Marchi [Programming, animation & UI]
  • Juan Bautista Arambarri Torre [SFX & Audio]
  • Santiago Ruiz [UI]
  • Xavier Restituyo [Art]




  • 27/04/2021: Fix the weapon fire rate when it goes below 0
  • 28/04/2021
    • Fix a crash when grabbing a shotgun powerup
    • The bullets pickups gives you more ammo
    • Fix the powerups and pickups sound when picking them


WestestShowdown.zip 569 MB

Install instructions

  1.  Unzip the folder
  2.  Open the unzipped folder
  3.  Open the file named "LD48.exe" 

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